Powerful Advertising By Exchanging Text Links

Welcome to TextBoxTraffic !

TextBoxTraffic is an impressive new method to drive traffic to your website. The effectiveness of text links has been combined with the best features of a banner exchange to create an easy way to earn free traffic to your website, without the need of large banner images or popup ads.

How does it work?
It's easy! Sign up for TextBoxTraffic and start receiving free targeted traffic to your website within hours. We give you a customized link code to place on your website. You choose what type of links to display on your site and how the links will look.

For each link your site displays, you earn credits towards displaying your link on other websites. Every link you display equals one impression. You choose how many links to display, up to five, so you may earn up to five credits per page view!

Why use text links? Text links have shown to outperform banner ads in click-thru ratios and effectiveness. You can easy place a small text link box into your site that blends perfectly with the rest of your content. Large, clunky banner ads are not needed to advertise your site.

If someone follows your link and joins TextBoxTraffic , you earn 100 credits plus 10% of all the credits they earn or purchase.

High Exchange Ratios

TextBoxTraffic uses dynamic exchange ratios that are calculated for each member based on the quality of traffic the links are displayed to. Unlike banner exchange services that have fixed and unfair exchange ratios (2:1 or 3:1), our exchange ratio is recalculated every fifteen minutes for each member.

The more clicks sent, the higher the exchange ratio is. The members whose click through ratios are highest receive 100% exchange ratio. Most members rotating relavent links on their sites have exchange ratios of 80% (4:5) to 100% (1:1). This rewards quality traffic and ensures your links are shown on the best sites.

  • Easy-to-add link code only, no need for banner images..
  • Customize your links to make them look like the rest of your site.
  • Earn more clicks based on quality traffic generated.
  • For each page view, you earn credit to display your link on up to five other sites.
  • Choose what type of links to display on your site, and where to display yours.
  • Refer other sites and earn 100 credits plus 10% forever.
  • You can purchase additional credits for as low as $5.

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